Fredericksburg Texas Taxi Shuttle Tour Service.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does our service cost?

The taxicab service inside the city limits of Fredericksburg will cost $3 per person one way from your hotel (or other location) to anywhere in town. The taxicab division will charge $6 per person one way to Wildseed Farms, Trade Days and other shopping and wineries in the area. If you wish to dine in at one of our great restaurants, it would be the trip cost plus a $25 hourly wait charge if you wish us to wait. We would be happy to quote you a price for any other trip you would like to make outside the city limits. Our tour prices, compared to tour companies are very affordable. We charge $68 per hour for 1 – 14 people. For example, if you have 10 people in your group, the price would only be $6.80 per hour for each person. You may book up to 8 hours, any more than that would be negotiable. You would have to pay for all expenses, including meals and wine tasting fees. For special parties (i.e., weddings, birthdays, reunions, etc.) please call for a price quote.

What tour options do we have?

You may pick and choose the places you would like to visit and calculate the drive time and the length of time you would like to stay at each location to determine the approximate cost of your trip. (Estimated drive times are indicated for each location.) If we can be of any assistance in determining how long a particular stop might take, we would be happy to help you. If you would like to travel to a location other that what is listed on this website, we would be happy to quote you a price.

Where would we be picked up?

At the Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau, hotel or any other location inside the city limits of Fredericksburg. For any location outside the city limits, there would be an additional charge for mileage.  


Stagecoach Shuttle Service
(for wine tours and other transportation)